A good design is the craft of meaningful relationships across a multitude of elements and constraints. As society experiences rapid shifts, visions no longer exist in isolation, but in our abilities to construct relationships between dynamic design elements. Therefore, I believe the future of the architectural profession lies in our ability to collaborate across disciplines in order to advance the built environment.

In the age of big data, digital tools have allowed us to make informed design decisions and optimize design performances. In each of my design approach, I seek to quantify key design influences, be them social dynamics, environmental sustainability, or material properties, and utilize them to drive design, from strategy to geometry.

As each design takes on a different set of parameters, each demands research in both breadth and depth. In my three-year-experience as a research assistant, I have cultivated strong analytical and synthesis skills. I utilize these skills in every project to identify key criteria and innovate on design approaches. As I cycle through each iteration, I seek to clarify the design intent and focus on strengthening relationships between each element.

Essential as it is for architects to have conceptual rigor, it is even more important to emanate it in highly collaborative environments. As the Co-Editor-In-Chief for KTISMA journal, I have learned to communicate effectively, navigate through team dynamics and leverage resources to maximize the team’s creative productivity.

In the past five years, I have expanded my architectural education through design competitions, traveling, research, studying abroad, attending conferences and leading student organizations. Through my experience, I have come to pursue good designs that always enrich life beyond the vessels of architecture.

Contact: +86 15889916181
Email: jiawei.vincent.mai@gmail.com
Portfolio: https://issuu.com/vincentmai/docs/portfolio