FoG Farm Planning

Internship at Future Expansion

Located in Callicoon, NY, FoG Farm is a private rural retreat occupying over 370 acres of rolling landscape. The client approached us with an ambition to develop the site without disrupting much that is existing. Unlike urban areas, rural sites are unbound by convoluted zoning ordinances. How, then, should one develop a set of planning guidelines to structure the master plan?

In this project, we set out to investigate the strategy of “points and paths” which spread out a series of light uses across the site. Utilizing computation tools, we have conducted an extensive mapping exercise to study each of the site’s unique conditions. Built atop these analyses, we devised a parametrized simulated walk to evaluate the siting of proposed structures.

Type: master plan study
Role: site analysis, digital modeling, computational design studies
Location: Sullivan County, NY, USA
Date: 2017

Images and drawings credit: Future Expansion

Drone photography of site

Site Axonometric
“Points and Paths” Master Plan Strategy

Site Mapping Analysis

computational process of analysis and simulation

Objective-weighted Walking Simulation and Variation

A typology of the proposed usage (follies + houses)