Integrate Softly

Entry for 2015 Lyceum Competition: Rejuvenation 

The existing reality of aging, whether people or city, share one thing in common - isolation. Within an institutional environment, senior citizens can easily become isolated, depressed and inhibited from living up to their full potentials. The increasing aging population and a wider variety of lifestyles bring new possibilities for aging. Buildings, once solely designed to create an isolated and homogeneously conditioned environment, consume resources faster than nature can ever reproduce. Our urgent needs to reduce carbon footprint and mitigate climate change, push us to rethink the connection between the built environment and nature. Therefore, the proposal for the 2015 Lyceum competition examines ways that the Empire State Building, an iconic, aging skyscraper, can become a framework for social and natural system integration. 

Program: concept studies on adaptive-reuse and aging population
Location: New York, NY, USA
Date:  2015
Role:  conceptual design, visulaztion

Award: 2015 Lyceum Fellowship First Place
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