Parametric Identity

Competition entry for 2014 Super-Blocks Eixample Barcelona

In Barcelona, increasing economic pressure, solitude and childcare responsibility have left elderly as well as youth in a socially vulnerable position. Public spaces that facilitate intergenerational interactions can empower both generations by strengthening their reciprocal relationships. What are the desirable qualities in public spaces for both elderly and youth? How can these qualities inform the design of intergenerational public spaces? This project attempts to generate optimal proposals for intergenerational spaces by maximizing the quantitative evaluation of any given geo-location within neighborhoods in the 22@ district in Barcelona.

Type: Superblock Street Design Studies
Team: Ryan Kiesler, Vincent Ma
Role: conceptual development, computational design, visualization
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date:  2014
Creating a unique planning guideline for each street

Computation process:

Codifying each existing ground floor program and each potential street program, the algorithm simulate the attraction dynamics using a physic simulation plug-in,   in order to reach a state of synergistic equilibrium.

An abstracted zoining map has resulted from the computation process

A potential scheme for re-designing the street based on the zoning map