Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Internship at Future Expansion

Renowned for his pioneering work of combine paintings, Rober Rauschenberg blurred the boundary between sculptures and paintings. His use of mixed medium liberated painting from the two dimensional canvas by incorporating and transforming photographs, clothing, newspaper clipping, old tires and other mundane found objects into art. Founded by the artist in 1990, the Rober Rauschenberg Foundation carries on the artistic and philanthropic legacy of Rober Rauschenberg. Future Expansion was commisioned by the foundation to rennovate its back patio space. Taking inspiration from Rauschenberg’s artistic vision, the proposed scheme transformed found elements in the existing space into a flexible extension of the office. 

Location: New York, NY, USA
Program: Historic Building Rennovation
Date: 2017

Images and drawings credit: Future Expansion

proposed rennovation for the back patio space at the Rober Rauschenberg Foundation

Robert Rauschenberg: Among Friends retrospective at MoMA  Image credit: Nicholas McDermott

existing elevation with various brick pattern

existing back patio space

chapel annex, formerly Rauschenberg’s art studio

final scheme for the back patio at the Rober Rauschenberg Foundation

early schematic design options: garden/ extension of the office/ found condition

pivoting on the existing sipral stair pole, a roatating table allows users to configures various uses 

the existing chapel window sihlouette inspired painted pattern wraps around the patio

extension of office: rotating table transform patio into a work space

event space: rotating table docks to the back to enlarge occupiable space